11/19/2013 - We would like to introduce you to John Kendall, our new Accounting Manager.  John has a 4-year degree in accounting and many years of applicable experience.



Here is a little about John in his own words:


My name is John Kendall.  I'm the new accounting manager for Modern Property Management, Inc.  I bring nearly twenty years of accounting experience with various industry and construction firms to this position.  I've worked in property management for several years and am a licensed real estate agent with experience in commercial and residential sales.  I look forward to working with you.



5/18/2013 - It's turtle season, and before Summer has run its course many box turtles like the one pictured below will try to cross busy roads.  Many won't make it due to accident or cruelty.  MPM's Scotts are always on the lookout for turtles in need.  Sometimes a simple lift across the road is all that's needed; alternatively, relocation to a safer, more suitable location is in order.  Either way, these gentle little reptiles deserve all the help we can give them.





7/27/2012 - MPM has moved!  We recently completed our move from the office suites at 366 Waller Avenue across town to 1501 N. Limestone Street in Lexington.  This new location affords us unique advantages and opportunities, one of the most important being that for the first time, all of MPM is housed under one roof!





5/31/2012 - This is Ishi the kitten.  He was left behind by a tenant moving out of a managed apartment building.  MPM's Tim, Jeanne & Nathaniel have adopted him!





5/24/2012 - An MPM maintenance tech rescued a stranded baby rabbit from a managed property today.  Following a visit to Penny Royal Animal Hospital, we are happy to report that the rabbit is doing fine.  She will be well taken care of by a professional rehabilitator and set free when the time is right.





5/7/2012 - MPM's second year participating in the annual Wolf Run Creek Clean-Up event was Saturday, April 28!  The MPM crew  traveled up and down the creek, removing trash and helping return the area to its natural beauty for the enjoyment and well-being of all inhabitants, human and otherwise.  Even MPM's president, Tim Scott, was on hand.  Thanks to our councilperson Peggy Henson for her support.



1/18/2012 - MPM hosted an Open House at 2040 Daniel Court, part of the new Dogwood Court Apartments, featuring renovation work by Modern Property Services, LLC.  Councilperson Peggy Henson, representatives of the police and fire departments, local news and the Modern Property crew were all in attendance.  Click here to view the local news coverage from WTVQ.